Subcontract - Overview

Subcontract - Overview

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One way to record a Commitment in the system is with a subcontract. This is usually a written agreement to deliver goods or services and may occur over a period of time.

Viewing all the details of a Subcontract, adding a new one or editing the information for an existing one is all done via the View/Add/Edit Subcontract form.

See the Suggested Prior Reading above for the steps to access the View/Add/Edit Subcontract form depending on what you are trying to do.

A subcontract has two section of information which is entered via different forms:

·       General Information – such as the Contracted Company, the Subcontract Number etc.

·       Schedule of Values – the individual line items and values that make up the contract

Once a Subcontract has been created, Change Orders can be added for the Subcontract and Invoices can be created for the Subcontract. 

The status of the Subcontract can be set to manage the Subcontract throughout its life cycle. See Subcontract – Status for more information.

Subcontracts will appear in Commitments Calculated Totals as well as on the budget (see Overview of Budget Fields and Calculations)

Change Orders can be created for a Subcontract. A Change Order will have its own separate schedule of values that will feed into the budget, calculated values etc. A Change Order also has its own set of statuses applied to manage the life cycle of the Change order.

Invoices can also be recorded for a subcontract. Invoices also have a schedule of values to show the work being invoiced. These will be automatically populated from the Subcontract or Change orders Schedule of Values as well as additional items can be added.

See Relationship Between Subcontract, Subcontract Change Order and Subcontract Invoice for more information



Review the View/Add/Edit Subcontract Form – Layout and Navigation.

Access the View/Add/Edit Subcontract Form via the Add of a Commitment or Viewing or Editing a Commitment 

View/Add/Edit Subcontract Form – General Information 

View/Add/Edit Subcontract Form – Schedule of Values 

Subcontract - Change Orders 

Subcontract - Invoices

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