Contracts - Overview

Contracts - Overview

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The General Contractor or person responsible for managing delivery of the project will create a contract with an Owner or the person paying for the project. This could be in the form of work to be performed, services to be delivered, materials or equipment etc. This is referred to as Accounts Receivable. 

The Contract is managed in the system, including having the Schedule of Values with all the line items that are to be invoiced to the Owner. 

A single Contract may be created with Invoices submitted as the work is done or multiple contracts can be created with if there is more than one owner or person responsible for financing the project. 

Change Orders may also be created for contracts. 

The Contract information appears on the Budget as “Contract” amounts. 

Note* In industry this Contract may be referred to as the “Prime Contract”. It is referred to in this system as “Contract”. There may also be “Subcontracts” which are contracts between the General Contractor and vendors or suppliers. In the system, these are referred to as “Subcontracts” to differentiate them from “Contracts” with the Owner. 

For more information see

Relationship Between Contract, Contract Change Order and Contract Invoice 

There are pre-defined statuses that can be assigned to a Contract. These statuses can be used to manage the life cycle of the Contract. They can also be used to filter and report on Contracts. In addition, some functionality an only be performed for those Change Orders in certain statuses. See Contracts – Status for more information.


Note* Management of the receipt of payment for Contracts is done through the Accounting System.


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