Contracts List – Layout and Navigation

Contracts List – Layout and Navigation

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Contracts - Overview


Contracts List Layout

To access and manage information about Contracts; including any Contract Change Orders and Invoices; From the Project navigation menu, click Contracts. 

The Contract list displays Contracts according to the list default settings applied. (Users may change the list default settings).


Standard Header

The top section of the Contracts Forms displays the total values for the Project of the following:

·       Pending

·       Approved

·       Complete

See Contract– Calculated Totals for the items and the status of those items that are added into each of the above totals.

Below the totals, are the Contract form navigation menu options:

·       Contracts – This is the main Contracts form and show ALL Contracts for the project

·       Change Orders – shows ALL Contract Change Orders for all Contracts

·       Invoices – shows ALL Invoices for all Contracts

For each of the forms above, the default for what items are displayed each time the form is opened can be set as well the information can be searched and filtered on.

Contracts List Layout

The row below the form navigation menu is where the list of Contracts can be searched or filtered on.

Contracts can be filtered by Status and/or Billing Period.  See Search and Filter the Contracts List. 

The Contract List can have its settings modified so that when it’s displayed It will:

·       By default, show only Contracts with certain statuses

·       By default, show a certain number of Contracts that display per page

·       Show different columns of information

See Modify Contracts List Settings. 

There are buttons to Add a New Contracts directly from the form as well as export the information to an Excel spreadsheet.



For other general navigation of the Contracts list, see General Navigation for Lists. 

See Search and Filter the Contracts List to display only certain Contracts. 

See Modify Contract List Settings to change the defaults of what displays when list opens. 

To toggle between Contracts, Change Orders and Invoices, click on the text in the navigation menu. The currently selected list will have the text highlighted in blue.


Change Orders and Invoices

For more information on the list of all Change Orders form, see Contracts – List of all Change Orders. 

For more information on the list of all Invoices form, see Contracts – List of all Invoices. 

Accessing the Change Orders or Invoices from the navigation menu on this form, displays lists from which ALL Change Orders and ALL Invoices for ALL Contracts can be viewed. Filters can still be applied on those lists to change the default view so not all items are showing. Click on the links above for each list for more information. 

Alternatively, for each individual Contract, just those Change Orders and Invoices for that Contract can be viewed. See the Next Steps below for options on doing that.


Next Steps 

Things to do before you add a Contract 

Add a Contract 

View or Edit an existing Contract 

Manage the Status of a Contract 

Delete a Contract


Contract Change Orders 

Create a Change Order for the Contract 

View or Edit Change Orders for a specific Contract 

Delete a Contract Change Order


Contract Invoices 

Record an Invoice for a Subcontract or Purchase Order 

View or Edit Invoices for a specific Subcontract 

Delete a Contract Invoice


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