Commitment Change Orders - Status

Commitment Change Orders - Status

There are various pre-set system statuses that can be set for a Change Order. These statuses can be used to manage the life cycle of the Change Order. They can also be used to filter and report on Change Orders. In addition, some functionality such as the ability to record an invoice against a Change Orders, can only be performed for Approved Change Orders.





The Change Order is still in a draft status and is not ready to be included in calculations.

No Charge

The Change Order is informational only and does not impact the budget of the project. Therefore, there will be no financial information recorded. The Schedule of Values can still be edited.

In Review

This status is used to track internal reviews of the Chang Order.


The Change Order is out for pricing.

Not Proceeding

The Change Order was created but is not proceeding. It is being retained in the system for historical and reference purposes.


The Change Order is being revised.


The Change Order is Approved.


See Commitments – Calculated Totals for more information on how the status of the Commitments impacts the predefined system calculations.

The status of the Commitment does not impact the status of change orders associated with them or vice versa. They are independent items in terms of their status.

Invoices can only be created for Approved Change Orders.

Approved Change Orders can not have their Schedule of Values edited.

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