View/Add/Edit Purchase Order – Form Layout and Navigation

View/Add/Edit Purchase Order – Form Layout and Navigation

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The Purchase Order View/Add/Edit form can be accessed from different places as outlined in the Suggested Prior Reading.

The View/Add/Edit Purchase Order Form is where Purchase Orders are viewed, added, edited or deleted. Purchase Order Invoices are also maintained from this form. 

The Purchase Order View/Add/Edit form has the following main sections; 

Form header - If a new Purchase Order is being added displays “New Purchase Order” or if an existing Purchase Order is being viewed or edited, displays the Purchase Order number. 

Status and Form Navigation Menu – Below the form header is a row that displays the Status (and where the Status can be changed). This row also displays the form navigation menu options. The navigation menu options vary depending on whether this is a new Purchase Order being created or an existing one being edited and what the status is:

Form Navigation Text Menu Options

General – This is always visible and is the default form that shows. It contains all the general information such as Description/Note and Contract Dates and is where that information can be viewed and maintained.

Schedule of Values - This is always visible and is where the detailed Subcontract line items are viewed and maintained.

Invoices - If this is an existing Purchase Order and it is in an approved status, an Invoices menu option appears. This is where all the Invoices specific to Purchase Order can be viewed and management.

The menu options may appear with a () and a number next to it. This is the number of items in that section.

The status can be changed directly from the drop down. For more information on the statuses see Purchase Order - Status.



Click on the Navigation menu text to toggle between the different forms. The currently selected form will have the text highlighted in blue. 

Change or Set the Purchase Order Status 

View/Add/Edit Purchase Order - General Information 

View/Add/Edit Purchase Order - Schedule of Values 

View/Add/Edit Invoices for the Purchase Order 

Delete the Purchase Order


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