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Direct Costs - Overview

Direct costs are a way of entering costs against your project that do not have an associated subcontract or purchase order. These could be ad-hoc expenses or one-off expenses. 

Direct costs can be tracked, managed and reported on with four different predefined statuses

·       Draft

·       Pending

·       Approved

·       Revise 

As soon as Direct Cost is entered, regardless of what status it is assigned, it will appear on the Budget.

Direct Costs have two main sections;

-        General – where all the general information such as vendor, terms etc. is entered

-        Schedule of Values – where the detailed Direct Costs are entered 

The line items on the Schedule of Values for the Direct costs will be automatically setup as line items on the budget (if they do not already exist).  Line items can be associated with a budgeted Cost Code and Type or un-budgeted. 

A Direct Cost's schedule of values will be counted as a Committed Cost when its status becomes Approved. 

For more information on the data fields populated according to the status, see Direct Costs - Status.


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