Modify Direct Cost List Settings (including columns to display on the Direct Cost List)

Modify Direct Cost List Settings (including columns to display on the Direct Cost List)

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The Direct Costs List is accessed by clicking Direct Costs from the Project navigation menu. 

Each time the Direct Costs List is displayed, user defined settings can be applied to show what information displays. Changing the list settings is saved and those settings are automatically applied every time the form opens. Some of the settings can then also be changed directly on the form as well, however, these are temporary change only and won’t be saved for the next time the form is opened. 

The settings that can be changed are the:

·       Filter to apply – to show only Contracts with certain Status(es)

·       Filter to apply – to show only Contracts with certain Type(s)

·       The number of rows (i.e. number of Direct Costs) which will display per page

·       The columns of information which will display 

The Filters to Apply and the Number of Rows is a default setting and can also be dynamically changed on the form itself to navigate the form while its opened (although those temporary changes won’t be saved). 

Columns can not be changed dynamically. They are only changed through Direct Costs List Settings and will apply each time the form is opened.



With the Direct Cost List displayed:

1)     Click the Form Settings button (the black gear button on the top right of the form).

The Direct Cost Settings form displays.

2)     To set the default filter to apply, each time the form displays:

a.     Click on the Filter drop down box

b.     Click on the Status to filter by. A check mark will appear next to the selection.

c.      Make multiple selections, click on additional Statuses to apply as required. A check mark appears next to the selection.

d.     Click on it again to toggle it off.

e.     Repeat for the Types.

f.      Click outside of the Filter box when the filters are applied to remove display of the filter list

The filter to be applied will display in the filter box.

3)     To set the Rows per Page to display:

a)     Click on the Rows Per Page drop down box

A list of common values is displayed.

b)     Click on number or “All”

4)     To select the Columns to display on the Direct Cost List:

In the bottom section of the form is the “Select Columns” section with the Column Name and a Show check box. Only six Columns of all the available display on the form at one time.

a)     Navigate through the available Columns by clicking on the page number in the lower right hand corner of the form or by using the Prev and Next options to move through the list

b)     For the column to appear, click on the Show button so it is filled in.

c)     To turn off a column so that it doesn’t appear, click on the Show button again to toggle it off

d)     Repeat for the columns required.

5)     Once finished updating the settings, click Save.

To not save the changes, click Close.


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