Delete a Direct Cost

Delete a Direct Cost


Only a Direct Cost with a status of Draft, Pending or Revise can be deleted. If a Direct Cost is approved, it can be not be deleted.



Direct Costs can be only deleted from the Direct Costs, General form or Schedule of Values form.


 To Steps

To view or edit a Direct Cost, the Direct Cost must first be located from the Direct Cost List.

To access the Direct Cost List: from the Project Navigation menu option, click Direct Costs.

The Direct Cost List displays.

Search for a specific Direct Cost, if multiple ones are displayed, see Filter and Search the Direct Cost List. 

Once the Direct Cost is visible in the list: 

1)     Hover the cursor on the Direct Cost

2)     Click the View Direct Cost button to the right of the row (blue box with right arrow).


1)     Right click on a Direct Cost

2)     Select View from the pop-up menu.


Double click on the Direct Cost anywhere on the Direct Cost row. The General form for the Direct Cost displays. See View/Add/Edit Direct Cost - General Information for more information. 

At the bottom of the form on the left-hand side is the Delete button (in red).

If the Schedule of Values form is clicked the Delete button appears at the bottom of that form as well.

Click on the Delete button on either form to delete the Direct Cost. 

A confirmation prompt appears to confirm the delete. Click the Delete button to continue with the Delete or click Cancel.

If deleted, the line item will remain on the Budget, just without any amounts.

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