Edit or set the Contract Invoice Status

Edit or set the Contract Invoice Status

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The Status is used to manage the Contract Invoice.

See Contract Invoice – Status for a description of all the Statuses and the impact of changing those.

If there is an ERP integration, Invoices must be in an approved status to integrate to the ERP.

The status of an Invoice is not related to the status of the Contract itself. They are set independently. However, the status of a Contract may impact whether or not the Invoice can be added, edited or deleted and have line items added.

The Contract Status is set or changed from the View/Add/Edit Contract form.  It can be changed whether the General information is displayed or the Schedule of Values is displayed.

See View/Add/Edit Contract Change Order – Form Layout and Navigation for more information.



See the Suggested Prior Reading above to determine how to access the View/Add/Edit Contract Invoice form.

1)     Click in the Status box. The list of Statuses appears.

2)     Select the Status to apply.

The information will be automatically saved and the form will update to reflect the functionality associated with the current status.


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