Add New Budget View

Add New Budget View 

New Budget Views are added from the Budget View List. See Accessing Budget View List

To add a new view, from the Budget View List: 

1)     Click + Create View button.

The Select View Template form appears.

Under “View Templates” on the right-hand side, all the current views are listed as well as a “Blank View” 

2)     Click on a Template in the list to use an existing template as the basis for creation of the new template (instead of starting from scratch)


Click Blank View to start with a blank template. 

Once you click on a template, the right side of the form will show the Column Names that are in the template along with their Types.

      source = preset, system defined data sources

      calculated = custom calculated fields 

Click on the Column Name Title or Type to sort ascending or descending by that. 

3)     Click the Create button.


Next Steps

View/Create/Edit Budget View Form (including creating custom fields)

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