Add New Individual Line Item to the Budget

Add New Individual Line Item (to the Budget) 

New Budget Line Items can be added to the Budget from the Budget List View.

To add new line items, from the Budget List View: 

1)     Click the Add Line Items option.

The Add Budget Line Items form appears. 

2)     Select the Cost Code. Click in the Cost Code data entry box. A list of the Cost Codes is displayed. In the empty box at the top of the list, start to type in the cost code and the list will be narrowed to the match what is entered. Scroll through the list, if required and click on the one to apply. 

3)     Select the Cost Type. Click in the Cost Type data entry box. A list of the Cost Types is displayed. Click on the one to apply.

Note* Cost Types are user definable. 

4)     Choose the Method on how to enter the budget amounts. There are two options, Amount and Unit Quantity. Choose amount if there is just a straight dollar value to be entered. Choose Unit Quantity, to enter a unit of measure, a quantity and unit cost and the system will automatically calculate the value by multiplying those together. 

5)     Click the + Add Line Item box to add the line item. 

Repeat the process to add additional line items. 

To remove the line item, click on the Trash can option to the right side of the line. To correct an entry while still on this form, remove it and add it back in (or save it and edit it on the Budget form). 

6)     Click Save.

Next Steps

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