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Projects List - Layout

The Project List displays all projects the user has access to.

The list displays according to the Project List Settings applied. (Users may change the Project List Settings). 

The first row on the My Projects form, gives a brief explanation of what the form does: "View and manage your projects" and it also contains the Project List Settings button on the right hand side.

MyProjects-List-Info and Settings

The row below is where the list of Projects can be searched or filtered on.

Below that is a button to

And to access Other Actions to individually or in a bulk mode:

  • Archive Projects
  • Delete Projects
  • Send Project Invites

There are other ways to archive or delete projects or send project invites, but doing it from the Other Actions button enables one project or multiple projects to be selected (so that a bulk archive, delete or send can be done instead of individually).

The projects the user has access to are listed below the buttons:

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