Bid Participants Contacts - Overview

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Contacts - Overview

Bid Participants Contacts - Overview

For each project, bid participants can be added.

Bid Participants are those Contacts that bids can be sent to and who can respond to bids.

Note* Users from your company (who are setup to access the system) can not be set as bid participants.

Anyone added as a Bid Participant will also automatically be added to the Master List of Contacts (Company Address Book) so they can be selected as Bid Participants on other projects and they will not needed to be added again (just selected from the Master List of Contacts).

Project Bid Participants are separate from the Project Contacts. Bid Participants can be added to a project from the Bidding Messaging for Forms. They aren't considered Project Contacts, they are Bid Contacts.

Adding a Bid Contact does not add them as a Project Contact. The winner of a bid however, can be added as a Project Contact after they have won the bid and assigned Actions Items, Tasks etc.

Next Steps

Add a Contact to the master list of Contacts (Company Address Book)

Add a Bid Participant Contact when preparing bids.

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