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The Contacts form contains all the information about a Contact. The form has a number of different sections:

  • Company Details - the company to which the contact belongs
  • Contacts - the list of contacts for that company
  • Contact Details - details for an individual contact
  • User details - details for an individual contact that will also login to the system (QUESTION is this correct?)

Any field marked with an asterick is a required field.

Company and Contact(s)

When Global contacts are entered, the company to which they belong is also required to be setup. This form is used to add or edit both the Company and the Contacts at the same time.

When adding a company/contact, this form has been designed to easily add a Company and then the Primary Contact for the Company, save that information and exit the form. However, additional contacts for the company can be added at the same time, with a few extra steps (or they can be added later on as well).

If there are multiple contacts entered one can be set as the primary contact (and will appear as the primary contact on company lists).

Company Details

The following is the section pertaining to the Company Details. See View/Add/Edit Contacts - Company Details for more information.


Does the star rating only appear on this form or does it appear or is used elsewhere?

If a company is not active, can it be selected from the Project Form (or what is the impact of setting it to non-active)?

Company details are entered once, then any contact(s) associated with that company can be entered.

For quick data entry, enter the Company Name.

Contacts (List)

A Company must always have at least one contact (and the email for that Contact).

The Contacts (list) is where Contacts for the company are listed (but will be blank on the initial add).

It is also where additional Contacts for the Company can be added via the Add Contact button.

Adding a Company/Contact initially

During the initial add of the company/contact, this contact list will have a single row and be highlighted blue. The Contact Name and Email etc. will be blank. This section is not used until after the first contact is entered and saved (so during the initial add, skip this section) and go to the Contact Details section below to add the contact).

SUGGESTION - This would make it way easier to explain if this list was hidden during the initial add or grey out the Add Contact button. It would also be good to have a save button. because to save the existing contact, you have to click save at the bottom of the form and exit out of the form or click add contact. It would be more intuitive with a save contact button.

Editing or Viewing an Existing Contact

Once a Contact has been entered and the information saved, then the Contact(s) will appear in this list.

The Contact List can be used to

  • Set a Contact as the Primary Contact (if there is more than one Contact)
  • Copy the Contact information to a new Contact (this can also be done in the Contact Details section as well)
  • Select a Contact to edit or view their information. NOTE* The EDIT button on the row doesn't seem to be working. I click on it and nothing happens (i.e. the Contact Details section doesn't change to show the one I'm editing. But it does seem to work if I right click on the contact and select edit)
  • Set the Permissions for this contact (this can also be done in the Contact Details section as well)
  • Delete the Contact

Note* If there is only one Contact entered for the Company, they are automatically set as the Primary Contact.


It looks like you sort of ignore the Contacts (list) section if only one contact is entered. If there is only one contact you just enter that and then click save on the form.

Do you only click Add Contact if you want to add more than one for the company? It prompts you to save the first one, then clears the contact details form and you enter the second one (then you either click SAVE on the form or you click to add another contact and then it saves)

Its definitely a little confusing to navigate (because you assume you click add a contact to add the contact, but really, you click add Contact only if you want to add more than one contact or you want to save the contact displayed).

Contact Details

If this is a new Company/Contact being added, this section will be blank and is where you enter the new Contact information.

If there is/are already Contact(s) saved for the Company, this section contains the details about the Contact currently selected in the Contact List (i.e. the Contact with the highlighted blue row).

By default, the Primary Contact is always the one selected (indicated by the blue highlighting and the crown in the first column next to the contact).

See View, Add, Edit Contacts - Contact Details for more information.

To quickly add a Contact, ensure at least the Contact Name and Email is entered.

User Details

If this Contact will be an actual user in the system (i.e. login to the system and make updates or receive emails etc.) then this section is used to

  • Send Sign-Up Link (so they can create their own password etc.)
  • Set the trade(s) the user works in (and that can be searched or filtered on)
  • Set the location(s) the user work (and that can be searched or filtered on)

QUESTION - Please verify the above is all correct

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