Filtering the Commitments List

Filtering the Commitments List

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The Commitments List View can be filtered to show only:

·       Only Purchase Orders, only Subcontracts or both

·       Only certain Statuses 

Multiple selections can be made:

If more than on Type is selected, then it is an OR between Types.

If more than on Status is selected, then it is an OR between Statuses.

If Type(s) and Status(es) are selected, then it is an AND between the Types and Status.



To apply a Filter to the list of Commitments or change an existing filter:

1)     Click on the Filter box at the top left of the form (in the same row as the Search but to the right) 

The list is separated by Type and Status

2)     Click on the Types and/or Status to filter by. A check mark will appear next to the selection.

3)     Click on it again to toggle it off.

4)     Click outside of the Filter box when the filters are applied to remove display of the filter list.

The filters currently applied display in the filter box.

This filter will be applied temporarily. When the Commitment List form is closed and reopened, the default settings will be applied.  To permanently set the filter, every time the form is opened, see Modify Default Settings on the Commitment List.


Next Steps

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Delete a Commitment Change Order 

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